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Rocking The Spectrum With My Grandson – Patch

We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym is a great place to take your kids to put their energy to good use.

When my grandson visits, his Nanny and I are always looking for a fun place to take him that will allow him the room to use up some of his energy. On his last visit, I think we hit the jackpot. Located at 299 Route 9 in Unit 4 in Waretown, We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym turned out to be the perfect place for him to play. Places are hard to find that would be good for a 2 year old. Luckily, there weren’t any private events happening when we dropped in because they do close for birthday parties, class trips, private playdates and other events where a group of children would need the room. I was greeted by two very friendly ladies who had me fill out the Release of Liability form. For only $12, our little energetic man was let loose upon the joint (of course accompanied by us adults) for unlimited fun.

The poor kid didn’t know where to start. He first reached for his inner cowboy as he saddled up on one of the many ride toys in the play area. You do have to be careful as to where your child may be running off to because there are swings and other equipment being used that could easily knock them over. The age posting states that the gym is for those children that are between an infant until 13 years old. Therefore, all of the equipment isn’t valid for all ages, but the gym is for all children.

Below the zip line was a slide that our little athlete was more than happy to try out. I nearly fell asleep as he stayed at this location for awhile. There was basketball nets for the older kids, as well as the little ones. There was a segregated area for the infants and toddlers with plenty of toys and devices where you could test their sensory motor skills. There is even a toy piano and miniature puppet theatre included. An arts and crafts section allows children to work with chalk, markers, paint, stamps and beads.

This was the first place where our little grandchild was able to test out a trampoline. The netting around the trampoline made him look like he was preparing for a cage match for the WWE. After jumping and tumbling a few times, his face did an extreme transformation into great joy as he finally realized how he should be utilizing his motor skills to get the proper bounce.

What they refer to as the Rock Shop is located in the lobby as you enter the building where you can purchase costumes, promo items and apparel, Melissa & Doug Puzzles and Games, sensory-based toys and puzzle piece jewelry, among other items. Of course, when you enter the play area from the lobby, you must remove your shoes. Socks are available for purchase if needed.

After the first child, siblings can enter for $10. This is also a great place for children with special needs. In addition, they offer Respite and Break Time Care at $12 per hour for those children with special needs. For more information, call WRTS at (609) 622-8285 or visit www.werockthespectrumwaretown.com. The hardest part of the entire experience was getting the little guy to leave.

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